My name is Danielle, also known by my family as Rosie. My husband, my family and my friends are the driving force of my passions in life. I have learned over the years that my happiness is directly correlated with their happiness. Thus, the things that bring me joy are the things that bring others joy in return.

I intend for this blog to be about living life and appreciating the experiences and people that fill it.  One of my favorite things to do includes cooking and baking meals and treats that bring satisfaction to someone's day (most regularly my husband's). I find that as soon as I find something that I enjoy and think others would too, I immediately message it to family in friends in all forms of social media. Now, S&R serves as a repository for the things that I enjoy and want to share with others.  

My hope in maintaining this blog is to do the following:

  • Encourage myself to journal the things that bring simple pleasures to my day or to others as well as the major milestones that I hope to share with my current family and friends, and more importantly, my future family.
  • Motivate myself to try new things whether its baking something new in the kitchen (my favorite place in the home), hosting an event, attempting a do it yourself project or seeking a new event or location in Chicago (my home city).
  • Share all of these experiences with my family, friends and any others that stop by S&R!

Thank you for visiting Sugar & Roses! I hope you return again and again.