A Single Candle or More

Brooklyn Studio Two Mason Jar Set: (From Left to Right) Cedarwood Vanilla; Spiked Apple Cider

Brooklyn Studio Two Mason Jar Set: (From Left to Right) Cedarwood Vanilla; Spiked Apple Cider

Recently, my membership to Gilt City, a lifestyle site that offers adventures and exclusive offers at insider prices, introduced me to the Brooklyn Candle Studio where its designer makes small batch hand-poured soy candles infused with essential oils presented in charming mason jars. The Brooklyn Candle Studio crafts its candles with a variety of aromas, some consistent throughout the year and others that change with the turning of seasons. 

In visiting the site to determine whether or not to take advantage of the Gilt City offer, I immediately gravitated toward the Spiked Apple Cider mason jar candle. In addition to my affinity towards apples, I also love mason jars. Thus, I started filling my online shopping cart immediately. 

My infatuation with candles began when I learned that the calming glow and aroma from a beautifully crafted scented candle had the power to change my mood and attitude. My brother's fiance once gifted me with Voluspa's Maison Noir - Lichen & Vetiver scented candle during one of the high pressure points of my career's busy season promising me it would promote relaxation. Sure enough, the calming glow that peered through the dark blackish-purple glass and the associated smell of Indian vetiver and clean aqua lightened both my mood and my stress level. From that moment forward, I looked forward to returning home every night to light the candle. 

Having taken note of my liking of the Lichen & Vetiver candle, my brother and his finance gifted me with another scented candle as part of a wedding shower gift. This time, they gifted me a Diptyque Bais ("Berries") scented candle strategically accompanied by Diptyque's Figuier ("Fig Tree") room spray. The Bais candle with the armoa of roses and black current leaves pairs uniquely yet beautifully against the Figuier's fig wood and leaves perfume. These scents are so decadent and are such a luxury to have in the home, I burn and spray them sparingly on unique occasions. While not in use, the stylish design of the glass containers are a wonderful addition to a bathroom vanity. 

As a result of this increased liking of candles, I was attracted to numerous scents from the Brooklyn Candle Studio. I took advantage of the studio's gift set offers, coupled with the Gilt City coupon, to purchase the Two Mason Jar Set with two full size mason jar candles in the buyer's choice of scents (pictured above). In choosing the two scents for my gift set combination, I was intrigued by numerous aromas and added on the Pick 4 Sampler Set which provided the opportunity to choose four scents in two ounce golden tins. 

Brooklyn Studio Sample Set - Pick Four: (From Left to Right; Top to Bottom) Pumpkin Macaron; Honeysuckle; Sandalwood; Green Tea Lemongrass

Brooklyn Studio Sample Set - Pick Four: (From Left to Right; Top to Bottom) Pumpkin Macaron; Honeysuckle; Sandalwood; Green Tea Lemongrass

Luckily, the candle descriptions resulted in me choosing the two large mason jar candles in the scents that turned out to be my favorite. The Spiked Apple Cider is the perfect scent for fall without being overpowering. The Cedarwood Vanilla has a warm and comforting smell that is perfect year round. Out of my sampler set, I would purchase a full size version of the Green Tea Lemongrass. This scent is best suited for spring and summer with its fresh and light spa-like aroma that promotes relaxation. The Pumpkin Macaron, while notably an autumn scent, has an overpowering quality to it that would result in me burning it for only a short while to quickly transform the kitchen to smell as though I had been baking for hours. The Sandalwood and Honeysuckle aromas were underwhelming in comparison to the other scents purchased in the set. I look forward to checking back closer to Christmas for updated seasonal scents. 

In addition to the scents, the mason jars with apothecary labels and golden tins with hand-drawn labels serve as a beautiful accent throughout the home. The charming packaging also proves suitable for great hostess gifts, especially with the seasonal collections. Furthermore on its website, the Brooklyn Candle Studio promotes reusing the candle containers by providing alternative uses and methods for cleaning the containers after the burn life ceases. 

Be sure to keep the Brooklyn Candle Studio in mind for the upcoming holidays!

A single candle can light a thousand more without ever diminishing itself.